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Form of Payment

Method of Payment

All payments should be made only in the form of a MONEY ORDER in Canadian Fund only. Other forms of payment will not be accepted.

Please indicate the name of the applicant (by hand) on the money order and made to the order of the Embassy of Indonesia. The picture below is an example of the money order issued by the Canada Post.

We also accept  1 (one) money order as long as the applicants are traveling together as tourist.

Please note, that we DO NOT accept cash, Company cheques and personal cheques.

money order

An example of money order from Canada Post

Documents Submission

For the safety of your passport and the related documents, please send all documents by Courier Service or by Canada Post security services . Please also enclose a return courier waybill and envelope with your account number or Canada Post services prepaid envelope.

to / from :

Embassy of Indonesia
Consular Services
55 Parkdale Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Y 1E5

The picture below is an example of the return envelope by using Xpresspost from Canada Post.


An example of return envelope by using Xpresspost

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