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Police Certificate

You will need to provide an Indonesian Police Certificate when applying for Canadian Permanent Residence.

How or where do I obtain one?

Local Requests: (for Indonesian Citizen outside of Indonesia)
Applicants should obtain a Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian (SKCK) from  the police authorities of their area of residence. Indonesian residents will need to provide their identity card, family card, birth certificate and a letter from the head of their community and sub-district.

Please communicate directly to Baintelkam Polri cq. Subbid Giatmas at this email:

Non-Resident Requests:  (for a foreigner that worked in Indonesia)
A Foreign citizen who has lived in Indonesia in the past, should contact his/her country’s representative (Embassy or Trade Office – Senior Liaison Officer )  to assist with obtaining a police certificate.  Proof of your stay in Indonesia will be required.

Please communicate directly to Baintelkam Polri cq. Subbid Giatmas at this email:


The Indonesian Missions abroad are unable to issue this type of document, it must be obtained directly with the INDONESIAN NATIONAL POLICE OFFICE (by district).

The Indonesian National Police only issues a Police Clearance Certificate to residents of Indonesia. The applicant of the certificate must submit proof of residency in Indonesia, such as a copy of an Indonesian ID for an Indonesian citizen, or a copy of a Permanent Stay Permit Card or Temporary Stay Permit Card for a foreigner staying in Indonesia. For those visiting Indonesia with a Visit visa, the Police cannot issue a certificate.

The original copy of the certificate can only be obtained from Indonesian Police Office in Indonesia. Applicants who reside outside of Indonesia will only be provided with a scan copy of the certificate.

Official letter from Embassy of Indonesia, click To-Whom-It-May-Concern-Police Certificate

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