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Visa & Consular Application Fee

The following visa application fees are valid as of  12 January 2017.

Please Note: All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Consular fees are non- refundable under any circumstances (including incomplete visa application in pending for more than 1 month)

The Consular Services  has one form of payment, MONEY ORDER ONLY (no other form of payment will be accepted), and does not provide quick service by paying additional cost.

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I. Visa Fees:

No. Type of Service Unit Fee (C$)
1 Transit Visa –  is no longer available, it is replaced by the Single-entry Visa (Visit)
2 Single-entry Visa (Visit) per person 65.00
3 Multiple-entry Visa per person 130.00
4 Limited Stay Visa ( Indonesian Immigration authorization)
  • 6 (six) months stay
  • per person 65.00
  • 1 (one) year stay
  • per person 120.00
  • 2 (two) years stay
  • per person 210.00
    5 In addition to the above visa fee, if you have received  or requested an authorization visa from the  Indonesian Director General of Immigration Office this applies to you. (this additional fee does not apply to regular visa) per person 15.00
    6 Visa on Arrival (payable at ports of entry)
    30 (thirty) days stay per person US$35.00
    7 Diplomatic & Service Visa per person Free

    II. Legalization and Translation Fees:

    No. Type of Service Unit Fee (C$)
    1 Legalization of document:
    a. Document for business document 150.00
    b. Document for non-business document 30.00
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