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Procedure to get an approval (Calling Visa) from the Indonesia Immigration Head Office

A CALLING VISA is for countries (listed below)  that require an authorization from Indonesian Immigration prior to applying for a visa or for applying for a Limited Stay Visa.  If you have a Travel Document you must also obtain an authorization from Indonesian Immigration.  To obtain an authorization you must do so by contacting a sponsor or a Visa Agent in Indonesia that can apply for you online at:  This process can be timely.

Once you have received the authorization then you can apply for a visa.

The countries that require Immigration approval (Calling Visa) are the following:

Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Nigeria, Somalia

Once the authorization is received, the applicant can apply for a Visit Visa.  There is no guarantee that you will obtain an Authorization.


Please note that holders of Israel passports must contact the Embassy of Indonesia in Singapore to obtain an Affidavit.  They are the only ones authorized to do this process for you.


Procedure for the Limited Stay Visa

To get the authorization, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Applicant must have a sponsor in Indonesia, either an organization or a company
  2. Sponsor can apply online at:
  3. The sponsor must have: a photocopy of applicant’s passport, supporting letter from the  sponsor and 3 photographs from the applicant. Other documents may be required and determined by the Immigration authority.

The Immigration Head Office will send by fax or email the approval to the Indonesian sponsor and also to the Embassy in Ottawa.
The applicant cannot directly submit the request to the Immigration Office in Jakarta.

You can get this information from:
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