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Please contact the Consular Services  by email :
A Limited Stay Visa can only be issued once the Applicant is granted Authorization from the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration.

A Limited Stay visa can be issued for the following  purposes:

  • Working in Indonesia regardless of the length of stay,
  • Installation and/or repairing of equipment, after sales service regardless of the length of  stay,
  • Study, regardless of the length of stay (study permit can not be combined with tourism stay after your studies are completed),
  • Internship,  (internship can not be combined with a tourism stay)
  • Performing Art more then 60 days (can not be combined with tourism stay) ,
  • Competitive sports for  3  months or more,
  • Volunteer Program for 6 months or more,
  • Scientific research regardless of the length of stay,
  • Media, Journalist, Film Making on Indonesia, regardless of the length of stay,
  • Join immediate family members that are working in Indonesia for a 6 months stay or more.

  1. To apply for a Limited Stay visa, the applicant must request the Immigration  authorization through their Indonesian Sponsor.  Your Sponsor may apply online at:
  2. For other purposes not mentioned, the Embassy/Consular Affairs can assist you.
  3. To study or for an internship program, you must submit all required documents to your sponsor no later than 2 months before traveling. To obtain further information you should contact the Embassy/Consular Services by email.
  4. Requesting a visa for the purpose of  Journalism or Film Making in Indonesia will require you to contact the Embassy’s Public Affairs.
  5. A Limited Stay Visa is always issued for a single entry.
  6. Tourism does not qualify to request a Limited Stay Visa


Before submitting your visa request, be sure that the Indonesian Immigration has submitted the Visa  Authorization  Approval  either to the sponsor in Indonesia or the Embassy in Ottawa.

The applicant must be in Canada at the time of requesting the visa and will need to submit the  request no later than 10 working days prior to departing Canada for Indonesia. The Consular Services require 3 – 5  working days (Monday to Thursday) to process a visa request, providing that all visa requirements are submitted all at once and the Consular Services does not have any discrepancy with the applicant’s  authorization from Indonesian Immigration.

Indonesia does not accept Alien Passports, Travel Documents or Temporary passports as a proof of your countries citizenship/nationality.

We ask that you please print both sides of the visa application form.


  1. Visa application (F-004-2015-Eng) completed in full by computer and signed/dated. 
  2. Original Passport,  the visa is only issued in a Passport that must be valid for more than 18 months from the intended length of stay  (a visa will not be issued in a damaged passport).
  3. 1 (one) recent original passport size photograph (white background), stapled or glued to the visa form in the assigned box.  See our photograph specification information. Other photograph formats will not be accepted. Do not fold/bend.
  4. A copy of the flight itinerary(or proof of travel booking). The airline ticket must be printed with the heading of the agency where the ticket was purchased and your name must appear.
  5. A letter from your Indonesian sponsor,  indicating the detail purpose of your travel to Indonesia. This letter is issued for individual applicants, no group letter with other applicants.  (a contract of work and the authorization approval is not a sponsor letter). 
  6. A Business/Reference Letter from the sending company, mentioning the purpose of requesting the Limited stay visa.
  7. For non-Canadian: submit a copy of your Canadian Immigration document.
  8. Payment by Money Order/Bank Draft only (Canadian funds) payable to the Embassy of IndonesiaVisa and Consular ServicesDo not submit cash or cheque.
  9. Return prepaid envelop by Xpresspost  or courier company, if applicant resides outside of Ottawa area.


Visa request must be submitted in a timely manner, at least 10 working days prior to your intended date of travel and not recommended more than 30 days prior to your travel date.

Processing time : please allow the Consular services between 3 – 5 working days,  from Monday through Thursday to issue a visa.


There are 3 ways to submit a visa request :

BY HAND: if you are in the Ottawa area you can drop off your visa request during the Consular drop-off  hours.  All supporting documents should be in an envelop indicating your name, contact number and email address.

CANADA POST – XPRESSPOST: Make sure that all visa requirements are included in your sending envelope. Do not send by regular mail.

COURIER COMPANY: Make sure that all visa requirements are included in your sending envelope.


To receive your passport, you must submit a return prepaid envelop (xpresspost, courier company) together with all the visa requirements.  Failing to submit a return prepaid envelop, you will need to pick up your passport by hand.

CONTACT ADDRESS: Embassy of Indonesia , Consular Services, 55 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, ON    K1Y 1E5


You can send your visa request directly to the following address

Embassy of Indonesia
Consular Services
55 Parkdale Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 1E5







Important Notice:

There are two regions in Indonesia: Poso, and Papua the applicant could not visit without special permission and approval. The Applicant who wishes to enter the restricted regions must obtain special authorization from Indonesian authorities. This rule also applies to those who work in these regions, e.g. Freeport employees. Visitors who enter these regions without permission are subject to arrest and detention and will be prosecuted according to Indonesian law.

When To Submit a Visa Request

To avoid any inconvenience, it is recommended for the applicant to submit the visa request no later than 7 (seven) days prior to departure and not more than 30 days prior to leaving Canada . To avoid any delay, please make sure that all supported documents are submitted. It is advisable to check with the Consular Services at the Embassy if you do not receive your returned passport within 10 (ten)days after submitting it to the Embassy.

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