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Indonesian Citizen Getting Married in Canada

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, in this case the Consular Affairs may perform a marriage, if the couple are both Indonesian citizen, Moslem and meet all the requirements as specified in the Marriage Law No 1/1974. The Consular Affairs will give a Marriage Book as it is given by the Religious Affairs Office at every marriage held in Indonesia.

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia is not allowed to perform a marriage if one person or both are Canadian Citizens or have another foreign nationality.

Should the Consular Affairs conduct a marriage, the couple has to write a letter to the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in Ottawa, u.p Consular Affairs by enclosing the following documents:

  1. A letter from the bride’s parents
  2. A Marriage Agreement letter from both parties
  3. A Statement Letter for marriage from the village office
  4. An Original Statement Letter from the village office
  5. A Statement Letter of the parents from the village office
  6. An Original and a copy of Birth Certificate
  7. A copy of Passport and Stay Permit
  8. For citizens who live in Canada, a marriage certificate (marriage license) from the local Municipal Office, for areas in Ontario from office of the Registrar General. The Marriage License is only valid for 3 (three) months (Ontario Municipal Office).
  9. When the couple returns to Indonesia, the marriage should be reported to the Religious Affairs Office where the couple resides. Reporting should be done within 1 (one) year since arrival.

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